Chloe is a rambunctious chocolate roan working cocker spaniel living in the North West of England. As any spaniel or active dog owner know, it’s not always easy to keep our pups entertained and behaving at their best. One of the best ways to keep our pups (and ourselves!) happy is to make sure that they are getting plenty of exercise, nutritious food and, of course, many, many cuddles.

I’ve found that there weren’t many website or blogs out there that covered these topics. As a first time dog owner I had so many questions: What should I be feeding her? Does it matter? Where should I take her? What training does she need? Does she need a jacket when it rains? I found there were many blogs out there talking about the latest fashion doggy trends, or promoting a brand that sponsors them but these things didn’t seem authentic or applicable to my active dog.

That’s why I decided to create this blog – to share my tips and tricks when it comes to anything dog related and likewise hear from you and what you have tried and tested!

Chloe fills ours lives with lots of love and fun and we want to share that with the rest of the world!