WALKS: Abney Hall, Cheadle

Screen Shot 2018-04-29 at 21.36.44

  • Distance & Time: 2.4 miles loop / 45 mins
  • Postcode: Abney Hall, SK8 2DP
  • Parking: Free parking at the Abney Cafe within the park (point 1)
  • Hazards: By a busy motorway for part off the walk, cattle at one point, walk near railway (fenced off)

IMG_2843Start off in the parking lot behind the “Abney Cafe”. You should see a large empty field in front of you, where you can throw the ball for you dog if you wish. Take the path to the right, into a foresty area. There should be a clearly marked path which you should follow. Soon there will be a large, green fence, separating you from the railway on the other side, and a ditch to your lefthand side. Walk straight on, and enjoy the coolness of the trees. Just watch out for tree roots as they stick up all over the place here!

IMG_2849Once you get to the end, take a left and follow another straight path back towards the parking lot. You will have some wetland on either side of you. Just follow the clear, gravelled path until you reach another path. You will see a boardwalk extend to your right about 10 meters before you hit the end of the path which you can follow and then loop back up to Newlands Road. Take a right here.

IMG_2861Follow Newlands Road for a few minutes before taking the first path to your left. Here you may see some cattle, so keep your dog on the lead if this might be an issue. On the map you can see that the path splits into two, feel free to take whichever path you prefer as it brings you back to the same place. Either way, you will get lovely views of the beautiful Abney Hall and see a little waterfall.

Take the path on your left towards a wooded area. There should be a clear footpath to follow, and a little pond will appear to your right as you follow the path along. I’d recommend putting your dog back on lead here, as you will soon be next to the M60 with only a basic fence and some thick bushes separating you. Follow this path straight on, until your hit the entrance to the park or Step 2 on the map I’ve provided above. Here you can choose to either go alongside the railway again or take the gravel path down the middle to get back to your car!

As you can see it’s a straightforward walk, and you can vary it up as you wish. There is a nice variety of wetlands, wooded areas, forest and ponds for you and your dog, but doesn’t have a river or moving body of water from which your dog can drink from, so do remember to bring a water bottle with you to allow your dog to drink safe, clean water.

Due to the number of hazards (the motorway, cattle and lack of fresh drinking water) I’ll have to give this walk the following rating. It is a great walk if you want something nice and quick, and I’ve taken some stunning photos here, so don’t let the hazards turn you off!

Screen Shot 2018-01-28 at 18.17.00

Q: Do you have any quick and easy walks close by to you?

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