WALKS: Lindow Common, Wilmslow

Screen Shot 2018-03-11 at 18.02.16

  • Distance & Time: 3.4 miles loop / 1.5 hours
  • Postcode: Lindow Common Parking, SK9 5LR
  • Parking: Free parking at the Lindow Common Parking lot
  • Hazards: Multiple parts have to put your dog on a lead as you walk along some roads and near livestock

We’ve found this walk in the Countryside Dog Walks: Cheshire book by Seddon Neudorfer, and we loved it because it was a bit longer than some of the other walks in the book and it was very close to our house which made this a perfect Saturday, afternoon walk for us!

The parking lot was very easy to find, and it’s free which is always nice. We went in March so it wasn’t very busy, but it might be busier on a sunnier day or in the summer, so that might effect the small parking lot availability. The weather was a bit cloudy at the beginning of the walk, but then cleared up and we even got some blue skies which made it so lovely!

We set off from the parking lot and walked on the left side of the lake, which was nice, but was completely fenced off to keep dogs away from the water. A thing to note if your dog loves water, they will not be able to go in at any point. Also, just another reason to make sure to bring along a water bottle for your dog as there will be no drinking opportunities during the walk.

We got halfway around the lake, when we turned off to a trail on the left at the end of the lake (1) which brought us onto a nice big heather field where Chloe was able to run around and go crazy. We then turned left again, down a narrow, muddy trail where we put Chloe on a lead as we were approaching a busy road.

IMG_2006We crossed the road and continued onto Lindow Road which we followed until the end of that lane, where we turned right this time. There were pastures on either side of us by this point but there were no livestock there during this time of year, but looks like they might be used later in the season. We kept Chloe on the lead during the whole way, as now the trail brought us to another used road (2); Newgate. We were only here for a short period before turning off on a trail to our right, following the Newgate Nature Reserve sign.


IMG_2008Here we let Chloe off lead as we were away from roads and it was a forested area so we knew there would be no livestock here. We kept going straight, ignoring bridleways to our right and took the first left after walking for about 15 minutes. This brought us through a beautiful young ash forest. We took the set of stairs on our right and continued forward (3). After we descended down to level ground, we should passed through a horse stile with a ditch on our right. I’d recommend putting your dog on a lead here, as we saw some sheep in one of the pastures. Once you pass some farm buildings and a house, turn right immediately.

We continued walking on the path with some hedges to our left and pastures on our right. We kept Chloe on the lead here the whole time as we didn’t want to run the risk of coming across some sheep unexpectedly, especially as there were clear livestock paddocks the entire way. On this occasion we didn’t come across any livestock, but we don’t know if we just got lucky.

When the path started to widen and veer to the left, we took the path on right (4). Here there were empty fields and we couldn’t see any livestock so we took Chloe off the lead. We continued walking straight, even once we got through the gate we continue onward. We still had Chloe on the lead which was lucky as we did pass a farm house with free-range hens running around. Once we reached the end of the field we turned right and continued on that path (5).

Continue walking on this path, we passed a house on our left and further down allotments on our right. We then walked up some steps at the end of the track, and turned left here. We now realised we were back at the Newgate Nature Reserve, so we let Chloe off the lead again! From here on, we just retraced our footsteps!


So, our final thoughts on this walk was that unfortunately, overall we did have to have Chloe on the lead for a large part of the walk, due to the potential presence of livestock, so it wasn’t a top walk for us. There were also a couple of roads where again we had to put her on lead, which again just meant that we had to be calling her back a lot. However, we really like the heather field and the walk through the ash forest. That was lovely!

Chloe’s walk rating out of 5 paws :

Screen Shot 2018-01-28 at 18.17.00

Q: Have you ever been disappointed with a walk? 

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