As an owner of a crazy, working cocker spaniel I can’t stress how important finding a good drying coat has been for me, in conjunction with a good sofa cover which I talked about here. Not only is the weather in the North West extremely wet, I swear water migrates onto Chloe even when it’s seemingly dry. To be fair I do take her on walks in the countryside of woods where it’s just inevitable and I let her off-lead which means she’s less careful about the puddle she’s walking into.

There are two main dog coats that I have heavily tried and tested.

Ruff and Tumble Drying Coat (£40)

Screen Shot 2018-01-28 at 18.55.40

The first one I heard about on Instagram, which is called Ruff and Tumble Dog Drying coats. This is the brand from which I got my sofa cover, but I only got that after getting the drying coat from them.

I ended up getting the green, basic one, but had to go a size smaller than she normally is because she’s such a small spaniel.


The things that appealed to me about this:

  • Velcro around the neck and face so her head can get dried too
  • Made from towel material so easy to care for, i.e. you can throw into washing machine
  • Basic and easy to use design
  • Loved the colours that they offered
  • Does keep the top of her body dry
  • Reasonably priced (especially as I got in the January sale!)

As you can see it had a lot of good things going for it, and it has lasted me over a year now and it’s still alive and well! I have found that a lot of my friends have this towelling jacket, which I think speaks for itself.

Over time, however, I have grown a bit picky and have found a few things that do bother me about the jacket:

  • The velcro stops sticking as well over time, especially as Chloe has long hair that easily gets trapped in there
  • The towel only covers the top of body mainly, the belly and legs are exposed and this is where she gets wet the most
  • Sizing is off for my dog, and so the bigger one is too big and the smaller one is too small which means that the drying coat sits lopsided which is a shame

From my review you can see that it’s pretty good, and it does dry her off over time. In fact, before I heard of the Siccaro jacket, I thought that this one was the best one out there.

Siccaro Dog Bath Robe (£110)

I stumbled across on the Siccaro Dog Bath Robe on Instagram, as one of my followers posted and raved about it so I decided to research it and eventually bought it. There are a lot of positives about this jacket:

  • Dries dog in 15 mins due to high quality material
  • Machine washable and easy to use
  • Many options on how to use it i.e. can have neck, but don’t have to, re-adjust the main buckle to ensure it’s on right
  • Different design options
  • Covers her back legs and front and back of belly

So this jacket is absolutely amazing and my new favourite dog bath robe for sure. I definitely feel like it’s a step up from the Ruff and Tumble jackets, primarily because it actually covers more of the surface area of my dog, fits more snuggly and is better quality material (not just a towel material).

The obvious downside to this is the massive price tag, but I got mine 70% on Amazon so keep an eye out on deals!

Q: Has anyone tried the Equafleece jacket? What other amazing jackets are out there?



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